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El Salvador Mission

Each year I lead a mission trip to Ahuachapán, El Salvador, to bring expert medical and optometric care and treatment to underserved populations. It is an initiative that is near and dear to my heart, and I have participated in it for the past 11 years. We set up a full medical and optometric clinic each day in a new location where the Methodist church is planting new churches. Most years we have 3-4 primary doctors and a full team of nurses and support staff.  


Our team represents multiple churches in our area. We have Pentecostals, Roman Catholics, and everything in between, but together we serve with a single purpose: To improve healthcare and to grow these young churches. In addition to providing free healthcare, we deliver food to people in their homes. This is an area that doesn’t see many mission teams because of gang violence, so the need here is very great. 


To provide ongoing care for our diabetics, hypertensives, and other conditions, we pay the salary for a full time RN who lives in the community. She works under the direction of the Methodist clinic in the city. She travels to these communities to check blood sugar levels, educate patients, and to coordinate with other ministries and charities for people needing more in-depth care.  We have been supporting her for the past 8 years and having her as a resource has truly helped the community thrive.  


Each year our team members pay their own way, but we raise funds for medications, food bags, and the salary for our nurse. Most years we need about $10,000 for medications and $4,800 to pay the salary of our Registered Nurse (no, that is not a typo). So, all together, we need about $15,000 for each mission. Additionally, we bring donated eyeglasses with us, which are provided by a ministry in Tennessee that sorts, repairs and catalogues the glasses so they can be sent where they are needed. We are always looking for more eyeglasses to donate to the Mission. Should you have an old pair that you don’t use anymore, please consider stopping in our office and we will ship them for you. Or, if you’d like to do so directly, I’ve included the shipping information below. All unused glasses are returned after each Mission, so we have the opportunity to use them the following year.

Should you like to make a financial gift, you can do so

by sending a check noted “El Salvador Mission” to:


Gateway Church  

13241 Griffin Drive  

Fort Myers, FL 33913

Should you like to donate your eyeglasses,

you can drop them off at our office or mail to:


Emmanuel United

Methodist Church 

Attention: Grace Bonner   

2404 Kirby Road  

Memphis, TN  38119    

Ph. (901) 754-6548 

Thanks again for the prayers, financial support, and donations of eyeglasses. Without supporters like you, this trip wouldn’t be possible. To keep in touch with us and follow along with our efforts throughout the year, please like our Facebook page here.


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